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We are passionate foodies with a taste for freshness. We strongly believe in continuing the tradition of supporting artisan olive growers, and are proud to share this beautiful range of cold pressed olive oils & vinegars with you.

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Olive Oil Refill & Vinegar Refill Pouch

We use aluminium-based packaging to cut up to 90% of plastic out of a typical plastic bottle of olive oil and have reduced the carbon footprint it takes to manufacture and transport heavy glass bottles by 10 times.

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Stainless Steel Olive Oil Fusti

This Olive Oil Fusti is one for the olive oil-lovers. These little stainless steel fusti tanks hold two liters of olive oil or vinegar —just enough for one of our Olivebox refill packs! The spigot helps you painlessly refill your cruet again and again, no drips, no drops. The welded steel handles make it easy to carry to and fro, and the wide-mouth opening with screw top makes re-filling a breeze. We’re also keen on it for an industrial-classy water dispenser during parties too!

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authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We're a sustainability focussed, honest bunch of foodies, who want to share some of the world's most exquisite & authentic extra virgin olive oils & vinegars with you. If you don't love the products, ship it back for a full refund.

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environment first

carbon neutral delivery

We ship using Sendle - it's Australia's first 100% carbon neutral shipping service. Being carbon neutral means that your net release of CO2e into the atmosphere is zero, because sending a parcel shouldn't cost the earth.

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we're fixing the olive oil industry

We’re a young Australian startup applying a 'planet first' attitude to fix an industry that currently leaves a huge carbon footprint on the earth. We're determined to get the world into a better place!

Why We Started

quality doesn't need a glass bottle.
this is the olivebox way.

easy to buy

we believe there is too much junk out there which allow poor quality & high prices to become the norm, so we’ve decided to only focus on a few products..but done well. 

easy to try

we believe that loving your purchases shouldn’t be guesswork so our teeny-tiny little sample bottles are enough for a single person taster and small enough to aloow us to ship them for free!

easy to feel good

we believe that our everyday actions should count towards a sustainable future, so our products are sourced & shipped with as little envionmental impact as currently possible. 

easy on your wallet

we believe the retail industry thrives on bad practice, so we sell direct to you. By focussing on efficiencies, it helps keeps us driving towards being able to provide an ever increasing benefit to our chosen environmental charities.

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